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Once you have signed up and completed the 5 steps here go to the 'Build your Website' area within your GDI back office and copy these 5 steps.  Don't worry about not knowing anything about building a website, because it's very easy and it's a lot less complicated than using a mobile phone! Remember you don't need a fancy site, in fact the simplier the better, because when people go to your website and see that it's simple and basic they are more likely to feel they can copy it.

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Copy what I do with my '1 Hour a Day'

5 min. - View 10 message links on MillionLeadsforFree This allows you to send a message to 5,000 members every day.

10 min. - Click on the Credit Links on emails from ListJoe In 10 mins you can get quite easily get your credits to 1,000.  Which allows you to email 5,500 listjoe members every 5 days.

15 min. - Facebook, spend 15 min. requesting friends with targeted leads.  The way I get mlm targeted leads is to search groups of mlm programs (i.e. GDI, etc, etc) and request friends with people who have 'liked' these groups.  When I click on the the friend request I send this message:

"Hi, I've finally started making money online from home! 

If you want me to show you how, feel free to drop me

a message.  Or have a look at my website 

which shows you my simple system.    

Nice to meet you, Knight."

15 min. - IMFaceplate - the same as what I do with Facebook.  I just follow as many people as I can in 15 min. and send the same message as the message I send to friend requests in Facebook above.

15 min. - Swom - again the same as with Facebook and IMFacplate.

Now this why you might want you own basic website, so you can send people directly to a website.  This is why the message I send works so well, because people can't resist going to the website to see how I'm finally making money. 
These are the exact steps I use and you are welcome to copy this page to the GDI wedsite designer and start making as much as I do. Just change all of the links to your own.

Important:   You must promise yourself that you stick to the '1 hour a day' routine, because if you just do it once you will fail!   Some days you'll get no sign ups and other days you'll get 5-7 sign ups to all 3 programs, so you MUST continue to stick to your 1 hour a day routine and YOU WILL SUCEED!

If you have any questions about any of these programs,  drop me a note and I'll be glad to help you .
Remember, I don't succeed unless you do, too.

Knight C ("K.C.") Duerig
PO Box 403
King Hill, ID 83633