You can see my  carvings from elk antler here.


These are primarily small (less than 2 inch) animal heads

that can be worn as a hat pin, tie-tac or broach, and some larger relief carvings.

I first began carving elk antlers back in the mid eighties as a hobby. 

After getting married in 1987, I dropped the carving for the more important job of raising a family, 

and then picked it up again in 2003. I’ve been carving fairly steady now for the past 9 years.

Although self-taught as far as carving goes, I have had a small amount of  formal training in art: 

2 semesters of painting, 2 semesters of pottery and 1 semester of silver-smithing back in my college days.  

Besides carving antlers, I have also done some wood carving for walking sticks and walking staffs

Big Horn Ram Eagles Flight Perrine Bridge, Twin Falls, Idaho

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